Watch out, Waltham! There’s a new female real estate investor in town.

By August 25, 2017 October 31st, 2018 Blog, Resources

It’s not every day that you meet a young woman looking to get into real estate investing. Whenever I do, it makes me smile. (I promise this isn’t another one of my feminist landlady rants!)

After a few set backs trying to break into the Waltham multi-family market, Diana reached out to me for my expertise. Diana is an extremely smart and motivated individual who gets things done. Even with all these attributes, it’s hard to land a solid piece of property in a highly competitive environment without the right people backing you up. I was thrilled to work with her as her buyer’s representation and create a winning team.

I am driven to see each and every one of my clients excel. My goal is for each buyer to feel in control of their purchase, which is why I spend a significant amount of time mentoring new investors throughout the process.

I am currently taking on a limited number of investor clients in the Boston area. Please contact me, if you are looking to buy or sell a two, three, or four-family.

During my initial meeting with Diana, we discussed her goals and came up with an executable plan. In just a few weeks she had an accepted offer on her first place and officially became a home owner this summer. I have no doubt that she will be extremely successful in this business. Go Diana!!

In Diana’s own words, here is a recap of her story:

I recently worked with Dana to purchase my first two-family property. I reached out after reading a few articles on Business Insider about the work she had done in the Boston area. As a first time homebuyer, I was anxious about the entire process. With prices sky rocketing in the Waltham area, the financing it took just to get my foot in the door, made me uneasy. In the past, I had been outbid with cash offers or offers way over ask. Moreover, finding a relator to help facilitate the process of transitioning from tenant to landlord made me that much more perturbed. Dana, however, made me feel comfortable and made every step seamless.After meeting to discuss what I was looking for and what my goals were, she set up a couple of different contenders to look at.

Right off the cuff, we ended up putting an offer in on the first property we saw: a two-family in my favorite neighborhood in Waltham. Even though we had put in a competitive offer, I had no expectations of it being the winning bid given how hot the market was/is. To my pleasant surprise (shock), Dana called me in the following days to tell me the offer was accepted. Sure, there had been other offers, but our positioning set mine apart. What sealed the deal was Dana’s finely crafted cover letter introducing me as a buyer.During my due diligence stage, Dana recommended an inspector that provided a thorough walk-through and report. He uncovered potential issues that made me nervous. Dana expertly negotiated so that the sellers agreed to some monetary concessions and agreed to fix the problems. Crisis adverted!

From the negotiation through to the purchase, through the demo and renovation, to screening tenants and transitioning from tenant to landlord, Dana is the number one reason as to why I will be successful. Through every stressful phase in the process, Dana has been a great and reliable resource answering my calls/texts within minutes 95% of the time if not within the hour the other 5%. It felt as though I was her only client. Dana has shared her expertise, honest opinions, and her own resources in the field to ensure that I will efficiently continue to build my real estate portfolio. She is an invaluable resource.

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