“Working with Dana was a wonderful experience! Buying a house is so stressful, especially when you have no idea what you’re doing! Dana is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to North Shore real estate. She knows all of the neighborhoods and their quirks. She was always quick to respond and  schedule showings, and took our requests seriously. Thanks to Dana we landed our dream home!”

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“As first-time homebuyers and new to the Boston market, Dana was instrumental in helping us find our very first piece of real estate! Dana’s knowledge and first-hand experience with buying and selling helped us feel very confident while her transparency and patience helped us feel comfortable. She understood our goals, was first to every showing and recommended other great professionals to painlessly wrap up the process. We plan to buy again and we hope Dana is by our side for it!” – Jackie and Adam

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“I couldn’t be happier with the decision to buy a multi-family. I’ve been watching the market, and things just seem to be getting more expensive. It’s great knowing that I checked this huge box off my list. Having Dana as my ally throughout the transaction was critical. She gave me sound, unbiased advice, she put together a winning team and stayed with me at every step.” – Artie

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“Without Dana, we would not have sold our house.  She knew the demographics, local market and how to attract the correct buyers.  She worked with us to determine the fair market value of the house, which led to both buyers and sellers being happy with the transaction.  Her attention to detail, coupled with her work ethic makes her stand out relative to other real estate agents.  We are already working on our next deal and look forward to working with Dana again.” – David

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“I chose to work with Dana not only for her extensive experience and incredible knowledge of the real estate market, but because of her passion and investment in me as a client. Dana listened to me, and worked with me to find a property that checked off every box on my wish list. She has been available, essentially 24/7, throughout the entire process, and has always had my best interests in mind while dotting every i and crossing every t.” – Alex

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“I never would have been able to find my diamond in the rough without Dana’s help. She knew what I needed (enough closet space to store my enormous clothing collection) and what I could live without for a while (a fancy kitchen). She was diligent and kept her eyes peeled for condos in my price range, specifically in the area I wanted to be. I dragged Dana to too many open houses to count, and was thankful for her positivity when a property I loved sold to an all cash buyer, way above asking price. She assured me another property would come along that would be perfect for me and within my price range. Dana gave me great advice throughout the whole process, and I cannot thank her enough. With such a competitive market in the Boston area, Dana knew when to strike on a well worth it property, and I could not be more grateful for her expertise and help! Thank you, Dana!” – Harleigh

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“My wife and I reached out to Dana after hearing her on the Bigger Pockets Podcast.  This was our third purchase and we’ve had great agents in the past, but Dana brings it to another level.  She is super responsive, knowledgeable and thorough.  Dana brought so much insight to the process- from pointing out key details during house tours that we wouldn’t have noticed, to figuring out the right offer to make, she guided us every step of the way with so much attention that we felt like we were her only clients. We’ve now bought three condos, and used a different agent for each, but after working with Dana we won’t even think about using someone else on the next one!” – Pat

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My husband and I recently worked with Dana to find our first two family property in the Boston area. Throughout the process, Dana gave us honest feedback that allowed us to approach decisions with realistic expectations rather than based on what we wanted to hear or thought we knew. Dana was always available to us through email and text to answer questions on everything from negotiating points, to contractors, to permits, and so much more. Dana’s experience as a realtor, investor, and landlord was invaluable and helped us to feel at ease as first timers. Dana went above and beyond the expectations we had for a realtor – helping us to forge relationships with lenders, attorneys, and contractors. She helped us get into the home of our dreams and we look forward to continuing to consult her in the future. – Emily

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“I recently worked with Dana to purchase my first two-family property. I reached out after reading a few articles on Business Insider about the work she had done in the Boston area. From the negotiation through to the purchase, through the demo and renovation, to screening tenants and transitioning from tenant to landlord, Dana is the number one reason as to why I will be successful. Dana has shared her expertise, honest opinions, and her own resources in the field to ensure that I will efficiently continue to build my real estate portfolio. She is an invaluable resource.” – Diana

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“While this was not the first time my wife and I purchased a home, it was our first time purchasing a home in Massachusetts. Little did we know the breadth of knowledge we lacked in purchasing a home in the New England market. Fortunately, Dana has immense expertise in this area. From strategizing on offers to educating my wife and me on the inspection process, historical aspects of homes, etc. Dana was an invaluable resource in each phase of our buying experience. Without Dana, finding our new home would have been an arduous process. Dana’s knowledge, diligence, and responsiveness are unmatched.” – Dusty and Marcela

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“Dana helped me buy my first condo this past spring/summer. I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive agent throughout the entire process. From the early stages of getting preapproved, through the seven offers we put in, to finally walking me through the closing process when my offer was accepted, Dana was full of recommendations and available to help me every step of the way. Not only did she work with us to make things happen quickly, but she also helped us differentiate ourselves from other buyers and helped us build offers that would stand out from the rest. When my offer was accepted on my condo, it was a bidding war that I finally won after the listing agent came back for best and final twice. I ended up connecting with the person who sold me my condo and she told me that at the end when she was making her final decision, all of the offers were so close, but what really made us stand out from the rest, was our cover letter which Dana helped me write. Overall, I had a great experience working with Dana and would recommend her to anyone.” – Sarah

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“Dana’s dedication to her clients, market knowledge, and work ethic are second to none. She went above and beyond her responsibility as our realtor on multiple occasions throughout the process of selling our home. She was instrumental in getting us the right offer, above asking, in just a couple of days on the market. She was transparent, accessible, and diligent throughout the entire process, and it was evident she truly cared about doing right by us as her clients.” – Robbie

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“We were so impressed by Dana’s knowledge and expertise when we finally decided to leap into home ownership. Because of her background she is able to connect with you, as the buyer, on many different levels. Throughout the process, Dana kept us informed, answered our countless questions, and shared her previous experiences both as a buyer, seller, and a realtor. Even when we got cold feet and sent a late-night email with a laundry list of questions and worries, she helped us to understand both the upside and pitfalls to buying an old two-family property. We often said that Dana was not only our realtor but also a source of emotional support with her pep talks. Dana’s work ethic, drive, and knowledge are unparalleled. She not only works hard to make sure the process stays on track but also to make sure you understand what is happening, when it is happening, how it is happening and why it is happening. Going above and beyond to help you get your home is just how she operates. She is truly an amazing realtor to work with.” – Meg and Evan

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“Dana Bull has made expanding my multi-family portfolio enjoyable. She is very informative and truly knows her stuff. Dana is someone to have on your side, whether you’re starting out in the buying process or looking to expand, she’s the one to call.” – Mark

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“Dana was the absolute best to work with. She went above and beyond with providing us resources and helped us in every aspect of deciding to purchase our first home. She was responsive, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about the purchasing process, renting, renovation projects, and has a specialty in multi-families which was particularly helpful for us. She understands the intricacies and issues to watch out for in older homes and has a really good grasp on large project costs vs small project costs. She was patient & present whenever we needed her.  Dana was not only a great real estate agent, but a huge resource to us. We can’t recommend her enough and would 100% work with her in the future.” – Deirdre

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“My wife and I had thought and talked about buying a house for 2 years, but as first time homebuyers we didn’t even know where to start. We first went on Zillow, and before we could even blink we were barraged by 10 realtors asking us if we wanted to see their listings. That turned us off because in all honesty we didn’t even know how much we were able to spend or how to go about securing a mortgage. That is when Dana entered our lives and spent the better part of 3 hours on a Saturday morning educating us on the home buying process as well as learning about our criteria. In addition to Dana helping to educate us on the process, she also advised us on how to strategically buy a home that met our criteria and had the potential to grow in value. She even helped us navigate through the remodeling process after we closed. It was as if she was buying the home for herself; that is how much tact and focus she put into the process. She was an invaluable advisor, mentor, and friend through out the home buying process. We wish that we could keep buying homes so that we could keep working with her!” – Oliver and Maddie

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“Working with an expert like Dana really provided me the confidence that I was making smart and realistic decisions. As with most house-hunts, there were ups and downs, but Dana’s optimism and work ethic helped me keep my head in the game, and once I found “the one” (an off-market listing courtesy of Dana), she made it her mission to put a great deal together. Not surprisingly, she knocked that out of the park too! Dana is truly a master of her craft, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience working with her. Thank you Dana!!!”

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“I feel so lucky that my lender suggested Dana as my realtor!  She is knowledgeable, approachable, and patient!  I was a first time home buyer. I sent Dana emails all the time asking her questions about various homes, condos, and the buying process, and she would always get back to me quickly with clear answers and explanations.  Dana submitted many offers for me for over a year before I had an offer accepted.  It is a tough market in Medford and Malden, and I wanted to be in walking distance to the orange line.  There is even more competition for t- accessible housing. I am very happy with the Malden three bedroom home I have been living in since the end of May!  I highly recommend Dana!” – Chrissy

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Without Dana’s help, I truly believe I would have given up on the idea of buying a multi-family in the Boston area! Before I started working with her, owning a rental property in the Boston area was a pipe dream. I didn’t even know what to look for.  The best part about working with Dana is that she educates you across every step of the process. She has systemized everything, so that once you are on your own, after hours of touring houses and speaking to her, you are ready to get to work. You know what needs to be done on the property, you’ll know how much to rent it for, and you’ll have the confidence to do it.  She teaches you about choosing a location, property types, systems in the house.  She also is extremely hard working and seemingly always available.  Even though you know she is juggling so many other priorities, she always makes time. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s tough to find a property out there and it can be frustrating at times, but she makes it fun! Work with Dana! She will get you into your first or next property, and she will help to make sure it’s a good one. – Matt

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