For the years I’ve worked as a Boston area real estate agent, I’ve been providing clients with smart strategies for buying or investing in properties. Now, I’m bringing those strategies to a larger audience, coaching first-time buyers and investors regardless of geography.

Why Coaching?

Familiarizing yourself with important concepts and practices can help you to make sound buying decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Getting my insider’s perspective as a real estate agent and investor can give you the edge to make smart, strategic decisions. My job as your real estate coach is to provide you with a roadmap for understanding the real estate market, tailored to the individual situation you’re facing.

You’ll receive a home-buying toolkit and personalized action plan outlining what steps to take to help you achieve your real estate goals.

+ Mentorship

Whether you want to buy your first condo or a duplex, you’ll need someone to show you the ropes and offer unbiased feedback.

+ Worksheets

Buying a piece of property requires math. From comparing the cost of renting and calculating mortgage payments to estimating homeownership expenses, my worksheets spell out what you need to know.

+ Specific Tips

With tactical advice you can improve your real estate transaction and avoid land mines saving you headaches and money.

How Does it Work?

My coaching services provide in-depth education to prospective buyers before they start the house hunt. This option is ideal for anyone who wants extra guidance or for buyers who are out-of-state. My coaching services are set at a fixed fee and provided via one-on-one virtual coaching sessions. You can book me for a meeting through my coaching website at

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