Home for the Holidays in Natick!

By November 21, 2016 August 15th, 2018 Blog, Resources

The phrase home for the holidays has a whole new meaning for Alexandra, who just moved into a stunning 2-bed/2-bath condo in Natick.

I had the privilege of working with Alex on the transaction and things could not have gone smoother.

Like most young buyers, our challenge was finding a property that had all the items on the wish list at a price point that wouldn’t break the bank. Coming from a family of real estate investors, Alex has a knack for house hunting and did not shy away from properties with sweat equity potential.

The ideal condo came on the market that hit all the A-list items — parking, a fenced yard for the dog, and within close proximity to work for an easy commute. Acting quickly, we put the house under agreement within days and before it could escalate to a multiple bid scenario.

Alex stretched her budget and put her dollars to work. Not only did she take advantage of the special finance programs designed for first-time buyers, she also secured a roommate to help cover a good portion of her mortgage.

Shortly after closing, she made some strategic and cost effective cosmetic changes to take the design up a notch. The condo offered an ideal floor plan and featured oak floors, high ceilings, and plenty of natural light. Albeit these desirable features, the unit had been rented for years and needed some sprucing up. By refinishing the hardwoods, repainting, and adding on-trend elements like sliding barn doors, she introduced even more wow factor to the space.

Cheers to Alex and all of my new clients who are enjoying the holiday season in their new homes!

A special thanks to Alex for this glowing review!

“I chose to work with Dana not only for her extensive experience and incredible knowledge of the real estate market, but because of her passion and investment in me as a client. Dana listened to me, and worked with me to find a property that checked off every box on my wish list. She has been available, essentially 24/7, throughout the entire process, and has always had my best interests in mind while dotting every i and crossing every t.”

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