Home Buying or Selling During COVID-19

If you are buying, selling or planning a move during the pandemic, you’re not alone in having questions. In this guide, I shed light on what you should be thinking about and what you can expect during this chaotic time in the housing market.

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Buyer Tip-Sheet for Touring Open Houses like a Pro

In a competitive market, you may be up against other buyers that are paying all cash or waiving contingencies. The best way to give yourself an edge is to be agile and follow the tips in this guide.

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3 Real Estate Formulas to Keep in Mind When Assessing Income-Producing Properties

When investing, there are no hard and fast rules. Everyone has their own investment objectives and a strategy for fitting real estate into their lifestyle. No matter what, it doesn’t hurt to have an awareness of some common real estate formulas.

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Multi-Family buying Cheat Sheet – What to look for in a Property!

Even small multi-family properties can be a bit overwhelming. When assessing homes, there are several items to look for, and to look out for! Download this cheat sheet for a handy overview.

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Guide to Sprucing up your Rental Properties

When searching for your gem investment property, you’ll have to wade through a sea of dropped ceilings, bad paneling, and pink bathrooms to find your diamond. Don’t let bad design scare you away. By understanding what’s possible, you can start to imagine how dated properties can easily be shined up. This guide is chock-full of before and after pictures to help inspire buyers. It outlines solutions for addressing the outdated designs commonly found in multi-family homes.

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Condo Buying Guide – Know What Questions to Ask

There are many draws to condo buying — whether it’s the ideal downtown location, the convenience of home ownership without the headaches of yard work, or the attractive price points. Purchasing your own condo can be straightforward if you know what questions to ask.

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7 Steps to Buying in a Competitive Market

Even in the most competitive situations, you can come out on top. By executing these seven tips you will be in a solid position to secure your new home.

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